Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot Review

Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot Review

The Coleman 2000020273 camping cot features an extra-long, extra-wide design that makes it a good choice for taller or heavier campers. One of its biggest selling points aside from the cot’s sheer versatility, is the removable tent cover. While lightweight for its size, this cot isn’t a good option if you’re looking for a camping cot that’s designed for hiking purposes.

Coleman is a popular brand that’s known in the camping community for their easy to assemble tents, camping lanterns, cook stoves, and other reasonably priced camping gear. Their line of camping cots are best sellers online, primarily because they’re easy to pack and store and they’re priced affordably. This cot is reasonably comfortable and features a simple foldable design that allows you to quickly pack up and go.

Coleman Camping Cot Overview and Features

This lightweight cot weighs in at just six and a half pounds and has a max user weight of three hundred pounds, so it can easily suit campers of all sizes.

This model features a detachable built-in nightstand with a cup holder and a heavy-duty steel frame with a platform that’s made from polyester. The cot also offers an extra-long, extra wide design at six feet, six inches. The sleeping area is eighty inches by thirty-two inches.

This cot is a popular choice for avid campers who prefer to setup a semi-permanent campsite. Given this cot is a little heavier than some would like, and taking into consideration the steel frame, this isn’t a cot that’s designed for consumers who want to hike in the backcountry.

But unlike the average camping cot, this model won’t flip over if you sit on the side, making it a great choice for additional seating around the campfire.

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Camping Cot by Coleman Pros and Cons

Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot

Pros: While this cot doesn’t lock in place like some competing models, it’s well-built and features a tough stainless-steel frame.

When you lie down on it, you won’t feel the platform sag in the middle and the frame won’t wobble.

This is one of the best camping cots on the market for taller or heavier users.

We love that Coleman added a detachable nightstand, which is the perfect place for your phone, binoculars, and your favorite drink.

This camping cot is also covered by a one-year product warranty, which is a huge plus for the avid camper.

The cot sits seventeen inches off the ground so it’s a good option for people with bad knees or other types of disabilities. The height of the cot also allows users to store their gear safely out of sight.

The frame’s crossed metal legs make it easy to collapse and store the cot when not in use. The legs will fold out and back. When folded, the cot will fit easily into the included carry bag. The frame is rust and corrosion resistant, and powder coated for increased durability.

The hinges found at the sides and center of the rails are covered by a canvas flap for added user comfort.

Wider than the average camping cot, users will be able to roll over without worrying about falling off.

Cons: While the feet do come equipped with rubber caps to prevent wear and tear on tent floors, some consumers reported that the feet can still damage the tent floor and recommend using small pieces of cardboard placed under each leg to avoid this issue.

This cot doesn’t come with any locks that allow you to lock it into place, so you’ll need to make sure that the cot is opened completely before you sit on it otherwise it can fold up on you.

Because of the longer length of the cot, it may not be suitable for a one or two person tent, so keep this in mind before you buy.

One consumer reported that the polyester canvas began to tear along the side after using the cot for a period of two weeks. Fortunately, this issue is covered under the product warranty. The consumer reported that the manufacturer was quick to respond to the issue and replace the damaged cot.

Why You’ll Love this Camping Cot

If you’re tired of sleeping on the hard ground, or you’re planning on camping during the colder months, then you need this cot in your life. The side table allows you to keep important items close at hand such as a lantern, flashlight, and water, or it can be easily detached if you need the extra space.

This cot folds and unfolds quickly. The springs and hinges are smooth so you won’t struggle to collapse it and it fits easily into the included carry bag.

If you’re searching for a reasonably lightweight one piece sleeping surface after struggling with camping pads or airbeds, then you’ll love this model.

Additionally, it’s a great buy for the larger or taller than average camper, thanks to the longer length and the higher user weight capacity.

It’s also reasonably priced, so you can pick up enough for the whole family, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Coleman Camping Cot Conclusion and Rating

The Coleman Camping cot isn’t a hiking friendly cot. Ultimately, if you’re searching for a cot you can bring along during a long trip, you’ll want to steer clear of any stainless-steel models. If you’re searching for a more hiking friendly cot we recommend the Moon Lence ultralight camping cot.

But the Coleman, despite its size, really shines as the perfect camping cot for people who like to set up their campsite and stay in the same place throughout the duration of their trip. We love that it’s easy to fold up, collapse, and store, and it comes with a handy detachable nightstand so you can enjoy a little luxury and convenience, even in the great outdoors. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars which makes it one of the best camping cots on the market, and our top-rated product.

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